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Robinson signs up to Operation Clean Sweep

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Robinson sign up to Operation Clean Sweep

Robinson Packaging UK signed up to Operation Clean Sweep® on 17/03/2020 and pledged our continuous improvement activity to work towards 100% containment and zero pellet loss to the environment.

Operation Clean Sweep® is an international industry led programme, supported by the British Plastics Federation (BPF), to ensure that plastic pellets, flakes and powders are contained within the facilities and therefore do not escape to the environment. Plastic pellets from industry is one of the sources of microplastics which, if they reach the marine environment, can cause harm to wildlife.

This is a commitment within our Sustainability Pledge, by everyone in the company, as a responsible plastics manufacturer to ensure we protect our society, environment, water quality, wildlife, clean workplace and community reputation.

More information on Operation Clean Sweep here.

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