Robinson's Premium Rigid Box Collections: Bee Friendly

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Robinson continues to invest in Paperbox which manufactures premium Rigid boxes in Chesterfield. Robinson’s provides decorative Rigid Boxing for one of their most celebrated brands Holdsworth Chocolates.

Robinson’s and Holdsworth’s Bee Friendly Box has been inspired by nature and made from 100% recycled fibers, making the box widely recyclable. What’s more, for every box sold 10p is donated to The Bumblebee Conservation making the product even more environmentally friendly.  The box has been adorned with beautiful textured features that showcase Robinson's paper-based capabilities.

Robinson offers a number of decorative services for paper-based packaging, including foil blocking that can be applied using metallic or pigment foil without affecting the pack’s recyclability. Film lamination, UV screen varnishes, debossing and embossing can also be applied to your packaging to add a luxurious feel and complete intricate designs.

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