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Robinson reaches the next step in its collaboration with NEXTLOOPP

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Robinson reaches its next step in its collaboration with NEXTLOOPP, allowing production trials for food grade recycled PP to commence!

The project looks into converting post-consumer polypropylene (PP) into food grade packaging using mechanical recycling. In a recent trial with German Recycling company Tomra 99.9% sorting purity was achieved using Nextek’s invisible PolyPrism Fluorescent Markers.

Steve Haley, Robinson Packaging’s managing director UK, comments that Nextloopp has “reached an exciting time” in trialing food-grade rPP. “It should revolutionize the industry, reducing the amount of virgin polymer needed in circulation for packaging and contribute to an environmentally sustainable future.” 

The project hopes to see the material fully introduced to the markets in late 2022 or early 2023.


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