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Robinson manufactures all of it's pots using PP, which is widely recyclable. Available with exceptional clarity the pots can also be colour matched to your specification and decorated by in-mould labelling (IML) or post mould labelling (PML).

The details

The injection moulding process is precise guaranteeing dimensional accuracy, a consistent wall thickness and offers the potential of including tamper evident (TE) features such as tear tabs.

TE pots provide the perfect solution for wet and dry products and are suitable for use in ambient or chilled retail environments. The TE feature and secure push fit lids mean that our customers do not need any special equipment – once filled, our packaging is ready to retail.

By selecting the appropriate polymer, we can enhance the performance of the pots to give the possibility of hot filling, microwave reheating and freezing.

Product examples

Food products such as herbs and spices, fresh chilled soups, sauce pots, ready meals, desserts and puddings, cake decorations and toppings, and many other dry foods. Additionally, live bait, fish food, and other categories in homecare and cleaning such as car care.

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ROBINSON Receives FSC Certification

Robinson is delighted to announce it has received FSC ® certification (Licence code: FSC-C186000) for its Paperbox division. FSC certification ensures that all products produced at Paperbox are sustainable. FSC-managed forests help provide clean air and water by restricting hazardous chemicals and following strict harvesting and forestry practices. Their work also helps ensure a diversity of animals, trees and plants as well as providing safe working conditions for everyone involved.

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