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Need something custom-made? The majority of Robinson's packaging solutions are custom-made. No matter how specialised the requirement, we are known for getting things done.

The details

Quite simply, we work flexibly, with agility, and at a fast pace to convert your conceptual ideas into final designs that can be manufactured and brought to commercial reality.

It is a creativity that has served the Robinson business and our customers well for some 180 years. It’s what we do best.

Your goal may be to move to a more sustainable pack format, to introduce innovative features and designs, or to refine functionality, to develop a more cost-effective packaging solution, or to optimise shelf appeal.

Custom packaging examples

  • Spray through caps for carpet cleaners
    Our ‘spray through’ cap carpet cleaner works by activating the product through the cap. Since the cap does not need to be removed, it increases convenience of use. This single-piece cap significantly reduces waste and reduces time on the assembly line.
  • Actuator combined with overcap for shaving gels
    Our shaving gel actuator is combined with the over cap. Not only does this make it easier to keep clean, it approves the aesthetic look and significantly decreases the amount of plastic used.
  • Transparent or coloured sauce bottles
    Our range of PET sauce bottles are lightweight and recyclable, made with high barrier properties to increase food shelf-life.  The anti-static coating enables smooth and fast filling for high-speed lines. Curved engraved bottle design allows for even distribution and application of the label. While having tamper-evident features and being easy-to-handle is one of many convenient benefits for the consumer.
  • Child-resistant caps (CRC)
    Caps and closures are required to be robust and durable enough to withstand being open and closed multiple times. They need to be securely sealed in order to prevent direct contact between the contents and the consumer, particularly for homecare products such as those that are bleach-based. But more importantly they must deliver increased child protection by introducing squeeze and turn child-resistant closures (CRCs). We manufacture such CRCs, offering the necessary flexibility in the squeeze band; an excellent companion to angle necked bottles.
  • Crystal clear jars for beauty care
    We manufacture a range of jars that are high gloss and transparent, made from PETG that is not typically used in the personal care and beauty market. Compared to other materials such as glass, our injection-moulded thick-walled jars are shatterproof and lightweight. They are more cost-effective and have a lower carbon footprint. They are the perfect partner to luxury beauty products, allowing the colour and texture of the contents to shine through
  • Air freshener housing IML decoration 
    A lightweight, non-breakable air freshener holder with the added benefit of IML decoration for aesthetic appeal.
  • Foldable 'joy hook' for housing toilet freshening cubes
    Our PP foldable ’joy hook’ works as a fitting spring, housing a toilet freshening cube. This simple but clever design is lightweight and economical to manufacture and assemble. Our design ensures a better fit to slippery, glossy toilet bowl walls. Not only is it more hygienic compared to its toilet basket counterpart, but it is also more hygienic.

Meeting the needs of your brand and business

We do that by:

  • Going above and beyond; being that trusted supplier which you can truly depend on
  • Thinking outside the box to find a solution, while being refreshingly real and honest about what is viable
  • Applying our knowledge and expertise to practical problem-solving
  • Employing state-of-the-art product design software and 3D print modelling and rapid prototyping. Learn more about our approach
  • Being agile in our delivery and execution, keeping you informed every step of the way with a dedicated NPD team, helping you to realise your project with an unrivalled speed to market.

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Robinson, who were recently awarded FSC ® certification (Licence code: FSC-C186000) for its Paperbox division, have a produced a rigid shoulder box with internal fitments with a printed satin ribbon to hold the egg in place. The box has been printed in the traditional blue Rococo design inside and out on an uncoated paper. The packaging is 100% recyclable and has no element of plastic in it unlike most other Easter egg boxes on the market.

ROBINSON Receives FSC Certification

Robinson is delighted to announce it has received FSC ® certification (Licence code: FSC-C186000) for its Paperbox division. FSC certification ensures that all products produced at Paperbox are sustainable. FSC-managed forests help provide clean air and water by restricting hazardous chemicals and following strict harvesting and forestry practices. Their work also helps ensure a diversity of animals, trees and plants as well as providing safe working conditions for everyone involved.

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