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    RPC bpi

    RPC bpi

    RPC bpi group is a leading supplier of high quality, value-added flexible solutions.

    With fully dedicated and market focussed businesses, we design and engineer highly innovative and cost-effective solutions to preserve, promote and protect your valuable products.

    Our expertise in design and engineering, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the needs of our clients and the markets they serve we are determined to surpass the existing boundaries of flexible solutions.

    Our strategically fully integrated recycling business shows our key focus is on sustainability and supporting the circular economy. We currently recycle already over 30% of our new product tonnage.

    bpi indupac: Pioneers in Polythene

    A European leader in the manufacture of heavy duty polythene solutions that creates innovative, high durability industrial packaging for many end markets – from manufacturing consumables for industry to heavy duty packaging and pallet protection products.

    bpi protec: Protection technology

    Industry leading pioneers in the manufacture of plain and printed flexible packaging. Developing the most innovative and environmentally sustainable packaging for the world’s most successful brand owners, bpi protec manufactures flexible packaging products to supply into many different food, drink and specialist sectors.

    bpi recycled products: Excellence through innovation

    bpi has been leading the way in recycling for more than three decades and as one of Europe’s leading plastic recyclers, reprocesses over 70,000 tonnes of waste from industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic sources.

    bpi agriculture: Enhancing quality and yield

    A leading global producer of high performance agricultural film. bpi agriculture’s silage films and agricultural bags enable farmers to produce cost-effective, nutritious fodder that enhances dairy and beef herd yields. Our horticulture films allow growers to optimise crop fragrance, taste and colour in addition to increasing yield and more uniform plant growth.


    WaveGrip dramatically improves the most important aspects of multi-packing canned beverages. Value engineered to offer the lowest cost multi-packing solution on the market, WaveGrip Carriers provide an alternative which is lighter yet stronger, more environmentally friendly and economical. Carriers are photodegradable and recyclable.