RPC 60 Second FAQ's - Plastic Recycling

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There are a number of myths and misconceptions around what happens to our plastic recycling. Is it really recycled and if so, into what? Plastic is a valuable resource, so it's financially and environmentally important to recycle as much as possible - especially as there is increasing demand for recycled plastic in products such as packaging, clothing, construction and automotive components.

When you put your recyclable plastic waste into the recycling bin, it's taken to a facility where all the plastics are separated, shredded and washed, before being melted down and turned into plastic pellets, ready to create new products. RPC has the experience and infrastructure to collect and recycle waste plastic from across Europe, and also operates a recycling service which has recycled over four million waste bins. We use recycled plastic to manufacture paint containers and bin liners, garden furniture and shampoo bottles, and much more.

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