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    RPC Plastiape

    RPC Plastiape

    RPC Plastiape is notable for its wide range of products and services, and its notable differentiation for the industrial sector, together with its identification of well-defined specialist areas.

    RPC Plastiape is today a solid reality with 350 employees exporting to some of the most demanding and competitive markets. Its wide range of products and services and its notable differentiation for the industrial sector, together with its identification of well-defined specialist areas, constitute the premises for further growth and are the foundation for the confidence with which RPC Plastiape is preparing to face up to new challenges.

    Founded in 1970, RPC Plastiape rapidly established itself as a packaging producer for both the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to various certifications, the company is also registered with the File of National Research Registrations of the Ministry of Universities and Scientific and Technological Research - Cod. 601814X4 as well as with the Ministry of Health as a producer of Class I Medical Devices.

    The heart of the company is the RPC Plastiape Research and Development Centre which has achieved success with some of the most celebrated international groups in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.

    The product portfolio offered by RPC Plastiape includes:

    • Closures and fittings for various applications: caps with lever, push-pull caps, delivery caps, double wall caps, rounded caps, smooth caps, ribbed caps, conical caps, tamper evident caps, reducers, stoppers in natural PE
    • Medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging and delivery systems: MDI actuators with transparent bodies, MDI actuators for CFC and HFA, nasal spray actuators for valves and pumps, monodose dry powder inhalers (DPI), multidose dry powder inhalers (RS02), multimonodose dry powder inhalers (RS04), opthalmic packaging, nasal spray packaging, oral spray packaging, talc packaging, jars and tamper evident caps, tubes and tamper evident caps, measuring cups, childproof caps, caps for flexible tubes (rectal cannulae), caps, plugs, droppers and nebulizers for plastic bottles, caps and droppers for glass bottles, pharma caps, pilfer-proof caps, intrauterine contraceptive devices, plastic pipettes, dropper heads and caps, spatulas (vaginal cannulae), aspartame dispensers
    • Personal care packaging: screw, roll-on and piston deodorant sticks, lipsticks and rollers, squeeze packaging
    • Plastic handles and fittings
    • Glue sticks
    • Bottles
    • Medical components and accessories