47 Years experience as a cosmetic packaging manufacturer, using quality and innovation to keep customer's happy

HISTORY - Taking its journey as tooling company in 1977, SAMHWA has evolved into a leading tooling and plastic molding manufacturer. Its enduring market supremacy in cosmetics package is attributed to consistent investments in research and development, a commitment to product excellence, and the trust bestowed by its valued customers.

PLAN TO THE FUTURE – Sustainability stands as the foremost focus in the SAMHWA Vision. From global brand demands to governmental regulations and export-import barriers, we reshape our product development approach to align with eco-friendly policies. Consequently, SAMHWA has embraced a new development policy prioritizing eco-friendliness as its core.


In-House Production System – Total platform system reduces production lead time by integrating package design, prototype construction, and high-quality finished products.

Wide Range of Free Mold – Offering a diverse range of standard packages, customer could achieve cost-effective packaging design while product distinctiveness. By strategically investing in elements of our standard product, customers can realize both cost savings and create unique offerings in the market.

Custom Project – Close collaboration between R&D and tooling divisions within the same facility, SAMHWA excels in rapid custom design development. This synergistic approach empowers us to efficiently deliver projects with tight timelines, showcasing our expertise and commitment to meeting customer needs.

Post-Processing R&D – Continuous commitment to research and development in CMF (Color Material Finish) and decoration techniques provides our clients with a diverse array of options to elevate their package designs.

Innovation, Quality, and Customer satisfaction – As Is

At Samhwa, our foundation lies in Technology, Quality, and Customer Satisfaction. We are committed to delivering unparalleled excellence through cutting-edge technology and uncompromising quality, ensuring our customers receive nothing less than the best.