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    Sen Recycled Paper

    Sen Recycled Paper

    Sen Recycled Paper (Hong Kong) Limited develops and manufactures cost-effective raw material for environmental-friendly packaging.

    Sen Recycled Paper (Hong Kong) Limited (hereinafter referred to as SEN) engages in carrying out the idea of “everyone is responsible for environmental protection”, developing “low-carbon life and recycling economy”, and advocating the concept of “resources saving, cyclic utilization” to improve the ecological environment and create a green earth. With China entering WTO, it promotes the trade development, but the policies and regulations also change greatly, which makes the business operation of Chinese mainland and Hong Kong face great business opportunity and challenge; meanwhile, Chinese enterprises are gradually integrated into the global economy and the foreign enterprises enter the Chinese market in great force. Through combining the rich international experience and the comprehensive knowledge advantage to the market, SEN will provide efficient service in the increasingly complicated Chinese market full of opportunity.

    As the most professional recycled papercurrently in the world, SEN lays the solid foundation in the market depending on its professional products and high-quality service. It forms a Greater China o provide full service for the customers from the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, effectively the regional knowledge platform, quality standard, talent resource and service network, and gradually strengthen to perfect the network in China.

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