SGB Packaging Group

SGB Packaging Group

SGB Packaging Group Inc. specializes in all the phases necessary to achieving perfection in Cosmetic, Fragrance, and Skincare packaging including: Concept, Design, Engineering Base Blueprint, Tooling for Private Mould, Packaging, Manufacturing, Filling and Tracking.

A leader in packaging for the cosmetic, fragrance, and skincare industries, exclusively serving the North American market, SGB Packaging Group Inc. has and offers an extensive experience as a unique supplier of refined quality components and innovative packaging to the mid and luxury markets.

We can provide you with a wide array of options and solutions, and will help you overcome any challenges you may encounter during your package or private mould development. SGB Packaging Group Inc. has a multilingual, experienced staff that will direct you to the right materials, assist you with all aspects of the design and production process, anticipate potential manufacturing and quality challenges, provide you with quick and effective alternative solutions, and help you reach your target launch date. We are committed to matching you with top-notch, certified, exclusive European suppliers within our group.

Glass Perfume Bottles

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Fragrance Caps

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Plastic Bottles & Tubes 

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Glass Droppers & Bottles 

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