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What is your favorite makeup setting spray and why?

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In the past, when we discussed the topic of "makeup setting", we were always talking about all kinds of loose powder. Indeed, powdered products will play a role in setting makeup when used properly, but it is used more for dry or neutral skin. For mixed skin or oily skin, even for dry skin and oily skin in the summer, makeup setting spray is a better choice.

How to use a makeup setting spray

Spraying before makeup: After skin care, spray a layer on the face, and then let it absorb before the makeup primer and foundation is applied. This way, it will make the makeup more dewy and delicate and it will never look dry or powdery. This way is more suitable for dry skin.

Spraying after makeup: After the makeup is finished, spray a layer on the entire face to fix the makeup. If you want a matte finish, put on a layer of loose powder after the spray is used. The latter method is more suitable for mixed skin and oily skin.

In terms of the method of use, in addition to direct spraying, it can also be sprayed onto a beauty blender first, and then use the beauty blender to dip into liquid foundation to apply the make up. This way will push the foundation better and will increase the durability of the makeup.

Here are the recommended makeup setting sprays for you. Each has its own characteristics and the best corresponding skin type match and different reasons for using it. Remember to choose the right one for youself!

1. NYX

There are two versions of this makeup setting spray. One is matte, suitable for mixed skin and oily skin; the other is glossy, suitable for dry skin. It contains a moisturizing ingredient, vitamin E, which also hydrates and does not dry out while setting the makeup.

2. Wet n Wild

This spray has two types: one that comes in a black bottle and one in a white bottle. The white bottle is natural and suitable for most skin types. The black bottle is matte and suitable for mixed oily skin and oily skin. As an entry-level makeup setting spray, it can be said that every blogger has this one.

It contains aloe vera moisturizing ingredients to make skin and makeup more delicate. The only downside is that the nozzle is not very easy to use, but it is cheaper, and it is easy to solve this problem with a makeup blender or directly changing the bottle.

3. elf

This spray is probably the love of dry skin and mixed skin. This makeup spray focus on moisturizing effect. If you have oil skin, it is recommended to add a layer of loose powder to the T area after spraying. The advantage is that it is cost-effective and the disadvantage is that the smell is a bit pungent.

4. Milani

This spray has two types: Make it Dewy is a glossy finish, suitable for dry skin and mixed dry skin; Make it Last is a matte finish, suitable for oily and dry skin. If you use this one, then your makeup will hold for eight hours.

5. Morphe

Speaking of Morphe, you may be familiar with its most famous products: the ultra-multi-color eyeshadow disk and cost-effective makeup brush. The makeup setting spray we recommend today is also a star product of this brand. Tati has given it a high rating in the review of monthly products we love.

It is worth mentioning that its nozzle is very good, so that the spray can be evenly and finely applied to the surface of the skin, naturally penetrating into the pores, without worrying about the destruction of the makeup.

6. L'Oreal Paris

This makeup setting spray claims to have only a nose makeup remove after seven hours. The spray is very delicate and can achieve "zero makeup feeling". In addition to long lasting, it has the function of controling the oil secretion, so most skin types can use it.

7. M.A.C

This product is the bestseller among makeup setting sprays. It is not exaggerating to say that everybody has one in hand. Please take a detour if you have oily skin, and buy it if you have dry skin. The spray is delicate and whoever uses it will love it.

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