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    Silgan Closures

    Silgan Closures

    Protecting the world's food supply.

    We offer

    • An extensive range of closures from 27mm to 110mm
    • Comprehensive research and development facilities focusing on both new products and the regulatory compliance of materials
    • Development of custom formulated sealing materials
    • A range of capping machines - for sale or lease – with line planning and installation support
    • Full service back up through an extensive network of technicians and food technologists
    • Printing and coating of metal sheets
    • Full technical support for customers’ filling operations


    We strive toward sustainability by reducing our carbon footprint,
    selecting like-minded suppliers, and by providing as many
    recyclable products as possible.

    Our recent energy-efficient lighting retrofit is generating an annual
    saving of 953,000 kilowatt-hours, the equivalent of 658 metric tons
    of CO2 per year at a single facility.