Ensure your products stay hygienic with Singulus’ Antimicrobial Surface Coatings

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With the increased interest in hygienic surroundings, consumers and businesses alike are looking to ensure the things we frequently touch to be as clean as possible. This includes electronics, door handles, switches, store fixtures, cosmetics, and more.

In an answer to the frequent demands from its clients, Singulus Technologies has developed a range of antimicrobial metallic finishes. Thoroughly tested, these coatings are now available for a wide range of packaging components.

These coating systems have been tested by certified laboratories and demonstrate strong anti-microbial behavior over a long period of time.

The proven Antimicrobial Coating from Singulus Technologies has a wide range of features and options:

  • A range of metallic colors from copper to gold to silver are available. 
  • The copper and zinc-based technologies Singulus utilizes are well proven for efficacy and safety
  • Surface texture of the coatings can range from high-gloss, to satin or matte
  • The coatings can be applied to virtually any substrate including plastic, glass, and other metals
  • Applications include even the most difficult to coat plastic substrates, such as:
    • Live-hinge PP dispensing closures and flexible thin walled PE caps 
    • Thin Polypropylene fibers used to construct KN-95 masks have been successfully coated 
  • Excellent coating adhesion can be accomplished on most substrates
  • Durability and life cycle can be enhanced by computer controlled PVD metal-layer thickness

Successful Real World Applications

It’s easy to overlook the sheer number of public items we touch on a day-to-day basis- and to ignore how many other people have touched the same items. The buttons on the elevator were one item that a prominent elevator manufacturer wanted to ensure was clean and safe for its users to touch throughout the day.

They went to Singulus to develop a long lasting, anti-tarnish gold-tone finish for their push buttons.

The coating was a huge success. Not only was it successfully lab tested for anti-microbial behavior, it also passed rigorous life-cycle testing for high-use elevator buttons.

A Green and Sustainable Solution:

  • An excellent technology to “beautify” PCR and other recycled plastic stock that come in limited substrate colors
  • Precious metal silver is not utilized
  • Neither Chromium nor Nickel are utilized, and all coating materials are Prop-65 and REACH compliant
  • No toxic materials are used in the coating processes- Solvent-free and Zero-VOC base-coats are available for many substrates
  • The metal layer thickness is extremely thin and because of its low weight percentage, discarded components can be used in recycled material stock when proper sorting protocols are instituted

High Throughput and Low Cost:

  • Small components such as travel caps can be coated at rates up to 10,800 items per hour
  • Fully automated part handling combined with in-line processes equates to extremely low cost per part.

Contact Singulus to find out more of this transformational technology.


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