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A Closer Look at Singulus Tech Green Metallizing at 2022 Paint Expo

  • Singulus Technologies
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Singulus Technologies is excited to welcome visitors at this year's Paint Expo April 26-29. The company will be presenting its capabilities in green metallizing- a revolution for the cosmetics industry.

Visit the company at Booth 2501, hall 2, at Paint Expo from April 26 -29 2022 in Karlsruhe, Germany!

This annual expo takes place at the Convention Center in Karlsruhe, Germany. Members of the industrial coating industry from around the world 

Green Metallizing

SINGULUS TECHNOLOGIES offers the second generation of inline coating solutions for fully automated handling and coating of 3-dimensional parts. From loading to packaging, the process is fully automated and not one manual step is necessary – at a cycle time of only 0.4 seconds per component.

Visitors to the booth are given a closer look at the Singulus Technologies inline coating of 3D parts with cost-effective metallization, printed base and top coating in different colors.

Interested in setting up a meeting or can't make it to this year's show? Contact Singulus to start a conversation. 

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