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    SPC Packaging

    SPC Packaging

    SPC offers innovative cosmetic packaging to the international beauty market.

    Founded in 1998 in Dongguan, China, as an innovator in the manufacture of packaging for the cosmetic industry, SPC offers an excellent array of packaging for lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner, including containers, compacts, pots, and bottles. With an extensive selection of stock molds, we can also customize packaging to meet specific requirements. We offer a complete range of decorating and finishing capabilities, and we deliver everything we produce with reliable service and competitive pricing.

    Our company ethos

    We are committed to high quality, working efficiently, cooperation and team work, innovative ideas, creative solutions, and prompt delivery. We do everything within our power to win customers' trust as a reliable company. After years of development, we are now a contemporary firm equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities, as a forward-thinking company with a number of key molds at our disposal, such as hot-runner molds, folded plastic caps, and duo-colour plastic caps.

    As a firm that invests heavily in research, development and manufacturing, we possess 20 injection machines in a 6,000 square meter factory and continue to grow yearly. With mature skills, from product design, mold tooling, plastic blowing, plastic injection, and printing expertise, we can offer a one stop shop with competitive prices and short lead times.


    We are capable of offering our customers reliable services, stable quality, and product customization. Recently, after receiving customer feedback, we've opened a new facility with over 8,000 square meters of work space including processing 33 injection machines.