Scented Printing now available as one of SR Packaging's decoration options

The sense of smell helps to link certain memories and the psychological impact of a scent often triggers an emotional reaction unexpectedly. Hence, throughout the history of advertising, scent marketing has been included as a diversified promotional tool.

Working with skincare and toiletry companies both abroad and domestically, the Taiwanese firm SR Packaging has added scented printing availability for packaging decoration. With scented printing inks, the aromatic printing decoration delivers a delightful scent of fruity or floral aroma which is triggered by the user’s gentle touch.

The process of scented printing is simple and similar to that of a coating process. It doesn’t have artwork design limitations and it works well on all sorts of packaging types including bottles, jars, tubes, and even closures. Following manufacture of the packaging and printing, the fragrance on the print remains for at least 12 months. 

The availablility of scented printing available echoes with SR Packaging’s Seduction through Decoration which has always been one of SR Packaging’s main beliefs for presenting an outstanding brand image through the most cost-effective packaging technology.

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