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Creating a popular and easily recognizable packaging concept is something that's not just based on the core piece of packaging itself. While selecting the packaging's shape and the materials to be used is incredibly important, it's merely a first step in the long process of getting a concept ready for market. Prior to launch, other considerations need to be borne in mind, such as branding, marketing messages, or defining a unique mystique for a piece of packaging that will make the product stand out on a shelf.

There are few companies around today that understand this as well as SR Packaging, one of Asia's primary "one stop shops" for cosmetic packaging.

The firm, launched in the late 80s, has undergone massive growth and expansion over the last few decades. Headquartered in Taiwan, SR has quick and easy access to a number of Pacific markets, though the firm has expanded to offer shipment throughout the world, including customers in Europe and the Americas. One of the primary reasons select SR as a firm is the company's phenomenally vast repertoire of decoration techniques, ranging from simple industry standards like silk-screening and hot-stamping all the way through to proprietary techniques simply not found elsewhere. Recently, the firm has focused much of its marketing efforts on letting prospective customers know just how many things they can really do.

Another example is the company's ability to create striped metallized components, something that requires a very high attention to detail so that the colours and materials selected don't bleed into each other. Aesthetically, stripe printing is one of the many basic, if not classic, patterns that will always be fashionable. Technically speaking, stripe printing is very difficult to achieve with silk screen printing. To prove SR Packaging’s technical superiority, the design team put stripes on top of metallized components, while bearing in mind that the end result would need to be delivered within budget and as part of a prompt delivery plan.

Just last month, for example, the company broke the news that it was able to offer full holographic foiling on tubes, using as new technique that's fairly uncommon on the market. The purpose of the tube decoration style is to get products to be seen in a glance by applying complete holographic foil to the whole tube decorating area, and leaving the desired branding patterns with a hollow look. The result breaks from ordinary visual impressions effortlessly and delivers a vivid marketing message.

This unique surface process creates a superior, warm and metallic sheer attribution that satisfies designers’ cravings for creativity.  The advantage of brushed metal is it's a fingerprint-free brushed metal component that endures for a long time under continual usage and doesn't wear down. It is resistant to chemical exposure and oxidation and can be made in any customizable colour such as festive red, fiery gold, jazzy blue, carbon black, steely silver, or even in matte shades.

The brushed-metal technique comes in several different styles of either a straight pattern, criss-crossed marking, wavering, swirling, whirling prints, or even jumble-scrambling.

The new striping technique came just as SR announced that it had released a premium decorating capability for the beauty and cosmetic packaging sectors. Aluminum components directly benefit from the inherent property of offering light, high quality that meshes perfectly with SRP's skilful decoration to create brushed metal.

Over the years, SR Packaging has accrued a vast array of decoration techniques to offer clients, as well as the experience to make sure they get done properly.

With SR Packaging's decoration capabilities, making a product stand out has never been easier:

  • Flexo-printing: A new printing technology that allows companies to print poster-quality images directly onto the full surface of tubes and other flexible packaging items.
  • Satin finishing: A ground breaking satin finish on a PE tube with a paper-like feel, creating a "paper" tube that doesn’t get wet even when splashed on.
  • Labelling: ideal for multiple color decoration on flat surfaces or cylindrical packaging.

  • Silk-screen printing: used primarily for decorative text or patterns on surfaces, providing a thick, bold and glossy finish.
  • Hot-stamping: stamping foil onto a surface, enhances a luxurious brand image further, available in all metallic colours.
  • Metallizing: mainly used on caps and bottles, this technique gives a product a shiny, faux-metal finish, with the ability to add other decoration options over the end result, making products stand out of the crowd.
  • Colour spray coatings: color ranges include glitter coatings to metallic coatings, giving the product an artistic finish.
  • Soft touch spray coating: plastics now look more like glass as this technique not only strives to give the product a matte or frosted appearance with a softer feel to the touch.
  • Metal sheening: allows PET bottles, jars and caps to evince the characteristics of the glowing sheen produced by vacuum metallization, but at a price that’s much lower than one would think, and readily accessible
  • Shrink-wrapping: encloses a piece of packaging in a pre-printed plastic sheet that's fitted perfectly to the surface, a great solution for decorating the full area of a product, no matter the shape.
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