30 ml PCR PE Airless Tottle AOB-030

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    The tottle is equipped with two plastic layers: a tough and resistant exterior shell and a highly compatible inner pouch. As the product is dispensed and pressure sets in, this inner pouch contracts and separate evenly from the exterior shell. Applied with SRP’s advanced dispensing pump solution, consumers are able to enjoy the experience of product dispensing until the last drop of the product, without being troubled with the handsome amount of product residue left behind. 

    There are two different materials for the exterior shell of Eco-Airless Tottle, one is tough and resistant PET-G, the other is PE that contains a certain percentage of post-consumer recycled resin. Both options are incorporated with the highly compatible inner pouch made of EVOH + PE

    The newly designed Eco-Airless Tottle shares many advantages of its kind and is certainly the first for the skincare and toiletry packaging industry. 

    • Ref. AOB-030
    • Volume: 30 ml
    • Neck size: 18/410
    • Javier Ribera
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    • Created 02 Oct 2019
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