ALPINE: The ECO Airless Bottle with an elegant tall figure

ALPINE, the 72 ml ECO Airless Bottle is the tallest figure amongst its siblings. Embracing the benefits of a bag-in-bottle airless system, it stands towering for an elegant and sophisticated product presentation, a perfect fit for green and natural skincare solution.

ECO Airless Bottle is one of the SR Packaging Focus and the first choice for brands with green and natural beauty products. It is compatible with various formulae types, oil, essential serums, and SPF sunscreen protection.  

The benefits of opting ECO AIRLESS BOTTLE are: 

  • Less product residue
  • Toxin-free formulae
  • 70% plastic reduction
  • Made with post-consumer recycled resin (PCR Airless Bottle)

There are two material options available: 

Eco Airless Bottle is made of PE and EVOH+PP (inner pouch)

PCR Airless Bottle is made of PCR PE and EVOH+PP (inner pouch)

ALPINE, ACA-072 specs


72 ml


75.6 ml


139.4 mm


33.1 mm


15 g

Neck size

20 mm


0.2 cc

SR Packaging has built a complete line of Eco Airless Bottle, PCR Airless Bottle, and refillable solutions.
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