SR Packaging Focus 2020: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

“Being responsible with the material we use”

As a plastic packaging manufacturer, we began the incorporation of post-consumer recycled resin back in 2006, and now we have all of our packaging offering available with optional PCR content. 

We have also focused on improving airless bottles to ensure that the new design is in line with our 3R policy.

Reduce: 70% plastic reduction, Eco Airless Bottle

Reuse: Reusable shell and the Refillable PCR Airless Bottle

Recycle: Post-consumer recycled resin added - from 10% to 100%

Packaging Focus selection

Use of post-consumer recycled resin: 

Bag-in-bottle airless system: 

For skincare, baby care, home supply, and beauty brands, at SR Packaging we cover all these needs and make it easier than ever to opt for the best possible solution that enables you to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Download the SR Packaging Focus 2020 or email for any further information.

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