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Stocksmetic helps out Asinerie des Alpes

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Heavy Jar 50ml together with Round Jar 150ml are the two Stocksmetic packaging items the Italian farm chose for its products. For 15 years so far, Asinerie Des Alpes has developed a handmade cosmetic line with donkey milk. The natural environment of Maira Valley, near Cuneo in the north of Italy, embraces this mountain farm which offers visitors the possibility of living the everyday life of the donkeys' world.

Properties of precious donkey milk are revealed, and its variety of uses, both in food and cosmetics. Donky milk production is very infrequent in Europe, since breeding donkeys needs special expertise. And milk quality is directly related to pasture respect, and atmosphere in which animals live.

Milk is immediately frozen after milking, and then added to cosmetics completely handmade; creams and soap are developed also thanks to a pharmaceutical lab. The righ packaging completes this precious product and saves it.

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