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    Stoelzle Glass Group

    Stoelzle Glass Group

    Stoelzle Glass Group is a company based in Austria with distribution networks worldwide and an export quota of over 80%. Stoelzle Glass Group is primarily active in the manufacture of high quality glass packaging on behalf of international companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, spirits and food industries.

    Your Prestige Glass Partner

    Our aim is to be the first choice partner for both our customers and our employees, through establishing a culture of reciprocal trust and by striving for first class performance, flexibility, and reliability.

    This will earn and enable us to sustain a leading role in our Healthcare, Perfumery & Cosmetics and Prestige Spirits markets.

    The expert in high-end packaging glass

    • More than 200 years of experience in the production of glass
      6 production sites in Austria, Great Britain, France, Czech Republic and Poland
    • 3 decoration sites in Great Britain, France and Poland 
    • 37 production lines
    • 2200 employees worldwide
    • 2.6 billion glass containers produced per year
    • Europe’s only manufacturer of packaging glass aimed at Healthcare & Consumer, Perfumery & Cosmetics, Prestige Spirits as well as Tableware markets
    • One-stop-shop for development, production, decoration and closures

    Perfumery & Cosmetics

    Stoelzle has focused on producing premium containers for the worldwide P&C glass business market. The Group relies on its consistent service and support in all aspects of product development to its customers.

    Uncompromising quality, flexibility and service

    What regards P&C the Stoelzle Glass Group thrives to develop a customized design in more than 80 % of all products. Every item bears a unique message which is reflected by the product’s design. According to customers specifications, a concept is assessed, the design interpreted, and production made a reality, with technical solutions found for even the most idealistic and demanding of designs.

    Time is money - Product development has to be completed to the agreed time frame and in the shortest time possible to give the speed to market which is so important in an age when design and fashion trends change so quickly. Stölzle gives primary importance to achieving the required quality to ensure customer satisfaction and product success.


    Range of standard products

    Alongside the custom design projects, Stoelzle offers a range of standard items for the Perfumery and Cosmetics markets which can fastly be delivered on call from stock.

    Prestige Spirits

    Stoelzle is a world leader in the supply of specialist glass containers for Prestige Spirits and Liqueurs.

    Brilliant packaging for exclusive content

    Every packaging evokes an image. All bottles are manufactured in cosmetic extra white flint glass to exacting design and visual quality specifications set by customers to suit their market position and sales requirements.

    Stoelzle Prestige Spirits’ glass production is ranging from unique limited edition concepts to higher volume established brands.


    Whatever kind of decoration customers might request, Stoelzle barely sets a limit to design and branding. Various decoration techniques are available to personalize glass items according to customers’ specifications. Some of the most popular are spraying, acid etching, screen printing or hot foil stamping, all of them available in the in-house STO decoration facilities.

    Healthcare & Consumer

    Healthcare from Stoelzle includes a wide range of packaging glass not only for the pharmaceutical industry but for consumer spirits and consumer food, as well.

    The Healthcare category brings together products that all utilise basically the same Stoelzle technical equipment and know-how. Also, market conditions and high quality requirements are very similar.

    A special department in Vienna, Medical Laborglas, focuses on supplying specialised products in small quantities to a range of medical concerns such as research institutions, pharmaceutical wholesalers and hospitals.


    Upon customers’ request all items can be personalised by the comprehensive decorating options which STO has in-house such as spraying, acid etching, screen printing and hot foil stamping.