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    Tecnocap Group

    Tecnocap Group

    Your Global Partner for a Metal Closing System.

    Tecnocap group is a worldwide metal packaging manufacturer specialized in metal closures for glass jars and plastic containers.

    The group is one of the biggest producers of Tinplate and Aluminum closures for some of the world's best known consumer brands in food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

    Tecnocap group is a customer-driven company, committed to provide the highest value for its customers by realizing the perfect closure: an ideal combination of appeal, functionality, sustainability and innovation.

    Consistent evolving technologies and customized engineering projects are key factors which drive Tecnocap’ market reputation and business growth.

    The group heavily invests in improving productive performances, focusing on total quality management and lean manufacturing principles. With a wide network of specialized centers, Tecnocap’ technical team boasts problem solving skills and is engaged in advising, training and supporting clients in a large number of key markets worldwide.

    Lithography, embossing, debossing, perforations and beyond, have enabled Tecnocap group to become pioneer in design and leading manufacturer of customized closures in the world.

    The group developed a dedicated team which co-works with customers to improve existing products and develop new designs and materials.

    Lithography, embossing, debossing, perforations and beyond, have enabled Tecnocap group to become pioneer in design and leading manufacturer of customized closures in the world.

    Sustainability is  a key point for all our activities and strategic decisions. Our approach to sustainability includes a plan based on three pillars: Protection of the environment, Social benefits, Economic value generation.  We’re keen to work closely with our customers to support them in reaching their sustainability targets by providing 'responsible packaging solutions”.


    Lithography has both a functional and a decorative scope.
    Coating and printing processes protect the substrate of the cap against rust, scuffs and corrosion in general and provide highly customized finishes reproducing any kind of desired texts, images and effects.

    Metal Closures

    Metal closures are the trump card for a successful food packaging; they deliver eye-catching visual appeal while also extending shelf life. Metal closures are essential for a proper hermetic seal in aseptic atmosphere under-vacuum. Our closures can provide high level of customization and premiumization.

    Machines and Liner/Compound

    Tecnocap’ Capping Machines are in-house designed and assembled for the automatic sealing of Closures/Caps on jars, installed directly at customers facilities. Tecnocap world-class experts in chemistry and microbiology provide a wide range of in-house Liner/Compound formulas to ensure the best barrier performance, enhance customers’ products and comply to all food safety regulations.

    Innovation & Special Design Lab

    A team of engineers and designers is constantly engaged in researching new products, textures, compound formulas, special finishing, technologies and sustainable materials to advise and work side by side with clients, improve their existing products and pioneer the most appropriate packaging solutions.

    Technical Service Support

    The company has a strong performance record in problem-solving skills thanks to a wide network of specialized teams all over the world. All human resources are continuously trained to advise customers’ choices, to solve technical problems and support customers productivity. A real task force that provides support on-site for all customers plants across the world.