Printed Tins

​​​​​​​Our collection of standard printed tins gives you the opportunity to order lower numbers of tins per theme. Curious about our themes? We supply tins for sweets, chocolate, and biscuits, but also tins with romantic images or tins with animal images.

Are you looking for printed tins for your coffee, tea stock, or large storage cans? Then we are the partner you are looking for, request our brochure today. Tip! Also, take a look at our beautiful collection of Fabergé eggs. They are replicas of the eggs that Carl Fabergé made for the Russian Tsars in the late 1800s. 

At The Box you can also print your cans with your own print. This way, you have strong marketing material for packaging your product. Would you like to know more about printing cans? View the possibilities. 


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