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    Tinshine Tin Box

    Tinshine Tin Box

    Dongguan Tinshine Tin Box Co, Ltd provides complete packaging solution of various metal container types.

    Dongguan Tinshine Tin Box Co, Ltd was founded in early 2007, located in Qishi Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is an international export-oriented metal packaging enterprises group specialized in tinplate printing and packaging as its core business.

    Tinshine is a large size production company with excellent equipment, high-end technology and a strong work-force. The enterprise group consists of one printing factory and 5 sites of tin manufacturing facilities. It has more than 60,000 square meters of working spaces, 100 management personnel, 80 tooling development and maintenance technicians, 30 automated production device development technicians, 80 QA and QC personnel and about 2500 various other skilled workers.

    Currently, Tinshine has 6 printing production lines, including 4 printing lines and 2 coating lines. Among 3 of the most advanced Fuji printing and coating lines and the Screen CTP outputting device in the world were put into production in June 2014. These investments have totally improved both the company’s printing quality and capacity. Tinshine possesses 1500 sets of various molds, and more than 50 sets of mold and auto-production line processing equipment. Tinshine’s self-reliance capability of mold developing and manufacturing provide guarantees for the security of customer information.

    Tinshine now owns 620 various punching machines, including thirty two 63ton – 160ton large punching machines, a 300 ton hydraulic punching machine, and a 500 ton hydraulic punching machine, the company also has 200 various other production machines and equipment which can form more than 80 production lines, 40 packaging lines and 60 automatic production lines. Tinshine can produce up to 28 million units of various tin boxes per month, which demonstrates a very strong manufacturing capability.

    In the second half of 2010, Tinshine established an automated production equipment development center, has trained and attracted a group of highly talented device development designers and engineers. Some independently developed and manufactured automatic production lines are the pioneers in the world and have filled the non-availability gaps in the groceries tin box industry at home and abroad.

    Tinshine has the following main product types: food tins for candy, chocolate, biscuits, egg rolls, moon cakes; cosmetic tins for perfume, skin care products; spirit tins, candle tins, gift tins, promotional tins, cigarette tins, stationary tins, CD/DVD tins, mobile phone battery tins, game packaging boxes as well as other various packaging tin boxes. Tinshine’s markets cover all of China, and have extended to Hong Kong, Japan and other Asian, European and American countries.

    Tinshine possesses capability of new product designing, 2D/3D designing, plastic model making, mold designing and manufacturing, automated production device designing and manufacturing, film designing and outputting, digital proofing, four color and spot color paper outputting, CTP outputting, tinplate proof printing, tinplate mass printing, tin manufacturing and packing. It has formed one-stop service which plays a leading role not only in Guangdong Pearl River Delta area, but also in the whole of China.

    In order to meet the needs of high-quality food tin packaging standards, Tinshine has constructed a food tin packing workshop spanning more than 1600 square meters and equipped with 20 packing lines. It was designed and built strictly based on the GMP and HACCP food class hygiene standards. The workshop implements fully-closed management, and provides credible safety guarantees for food packaging.

    Tinshine gained ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification, BRC Global Food Packaging System Certification and GSV Global Security Verification Certification. Tinshine is a Sedex member, passed SMETA audit, and has the WCA certification. It has also passed many quality system audits and social responsibility audits from ITS、SGS、BV、UL、Level works, etc. Tinshine provides guarantees to clients, and satisfactions to consumers!

    Tinshine has focused on enterprise culture construction. After more than 8 years of cultural cultivation, it has formed a complete set of enterprise culture, and created 《The Song of Tinshine》. Tinshine consistently adheres to 《the core values》 and 《the code of conducts》 as a guide to action, and always keeps the working methods of 'advancing with the times, quick response, teamwork', the work style of 'seriousness, responsibility, and excellence' to provide our customers with products design solutions and modification suggestions, excellent product quality and satisfactory service. At the same time, Tinshine attaches great importance to training our managers and staff through an 'inviting experts in, sending staff out ,attending online business schools, internal training, practicing, playing, team discussion, competition” and other forms of methodologies. It implements a full range of management methods, capacities, skills, safety awareness, communication, attitude and other aspects of training. It pays high attention to staff’s spare time cultural activities, fully embodies the 'people-oriented' concepts, enhances comprehensive management capabilities and competitiveness of enterprises!