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    Transcend's revolutionary paper U-bend straw used by Ribena

    • Transcend Packaging
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    In a major milestone for Transcend Packaging, we are delighted to announce the launch of our paper-based U-bend straw. The straws are currently being introduced to Ribena drinks cartons up and down the country as part of a nationwide trial with Tesco.

    Available to be adopted immediately by drinks companies and bottlers, our ground-breaking paper U-bend straw is a major technological breakthrough, and a win for the planet, with the potential to replace millions of plastic straws being used in the UK daily.

    Ribena will be the first UK juice drinks brand to introduce the sustainable straws to its drinks cartons, with the new packs now available in Tesco as part of a trial of the new paper straw design.

    Lorenzo Angelucci, CEO at Transcend Packaging said:

    “Anyone who has ever had a carton drink will instantly recognise the bendable plastic straws on the side of juice boxes found in supermarkets, cafes and packed lunch boxes across the country. The problem is these straws are used just once but then the plastic remains, as the straws are not often recycled.

    "Because these straws need to be bendable and sharp enough to pierce the seal on the drink, it has traditionally been thought to be very difficult to create them from paper. Our new U-bend straw represents a significant design advancement and we are deploying it into the market at scale to provide drinks brands with a more sustainable option for their products.”

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    • Modified 23 Sep 2020
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