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Best in class for Trivium at PAC awards

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Trivium has been awarded a Best in Class, Pac Global Leadership award in the category of Technical Innovation for its work on the Rainforest Artesian Water bottle.

The bottle, whose high degree of manufacturing complexity and intricate design contributed to the award, contains 25% recycled aluminum. It also went through a light-weighting process, significantly reducing the amount of aluminum needed to produce the bottle and contributing to a reduction in C02 without compromising its durability.

The bottle is free of plastic, is 100% recyclable and every sale contributes towards Rainforest Water’s Treeping program, a reforestation program that has planted more than 72,000 trees thus far. The bottle's design features reflect the beauty of the Rainforest of Costa Rica where the water itself comes from. The design, which is directly printed on the bottle, features imagery that was captured on location and transferred to the bottle in vivid and amazing detail in an off-set litho process, paying tribute to the rainforest and its inhabitants. Every bottle brings the rainforest to the consumer and the consumer to the rainforest.

"We are thrilled to receive this award! Thank you to Rainforest Artesian water, and our R&D, commercial, and manufacturing teams for all the effort that was put into creating this bottle, bringing it to the market. Thank you to the PAC Global Awards committee, we are honored to be among the winners!"

Readers can learn more about Trivium Packaging here: www.triviumpackaging.com

Readers can learn more about Rainforest Artesian Water here: https://rainforestwater.com

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