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    ULMA Packaging

    ULMA Packaging

    ULMA Packaging, specialised in the design and production of packaging equipment and services.

    With more than 50 years of experience and a team of high qualified professionals, as well as the most advanced design and manufacturing technologies, it offers extensive and innovative solutions in packaging equipment and systems with a main objective: providing additional value to its customers.

    The added value. ULMA Packaging differentiates itself from the rest of the market by basing itself on solid pillars that sets it apart from the competition.

    Globality in Solutions Offer, Services and Geographical Presence

    Our packaging solutions offer is Global. With seven product lines we can affirm we are the only supplier able to offer so wide range packaging solutions for each industry. Our Complete Solutions offer represents the highest level of automatization, being able to make integral installations, from the product automatic loading to the palletized of previously packed products.

    Our services offer is Global. The catalogue of services begins from an expert commercial consulting in the search of the suitable solution for each necessity and finishing with a totally professional Technical Service with original spare parts.  The Technical Training is another one of the most appreciated services for those customers who have qualified personnel for the maintenance of the facilities.

    Our working environment is Global. We are geographically present in all over the world. With 18 own subsidiaries and one distributor network who cover more than 50 countries.

    Definitively, Global Packaging is what it identifies us and as they identify us.

    Our Team

    Our personnel. Participation and commitment.

    A team of people made up of highly qualified professionals.  At ULMA, there is no doubt that its main asset is made up of the people in the organisation.  ULMA Packaging takes care of that human element by fostering their personal development and professional education, dedicating significant resources to their training and ensuring professional recycling and continuous training.


    Our competitiveness.

    At ULMA Packaging, Creativity and Innovation are strategic factors to which we are firmly committed through the continuous reinforcement of our R&D and Engineering departments in the search for new knowledge that anticipate market needs.

    This background translates into ULMA Packaging Technological Center, S.Coop., which was established in 2002 as a non-profit Service Cooperative dedicated to researching, promoting, developing, improving, innovating, disseminating, training and providing services in the area of packaging technologies. Read more about UPTC.


    The only multiline offer in the world.

    ULMA Packaging is currently focused on a wide variety of markets, which it addresses through its seven product lines: Flow Pack, Thermoforming, Traysealing, Vertical, Shrink Wrap, Stretch Film and Sleeve Wrapping.

    ULMA Packaging is the only company in the sector that is able to offer such a variety of packaging solutions in a complementary or alternative manner, providing a singular and customised offering, with innovative applications, adapted to the client needs.


    Customer satisfaction.

    • One of the largest technical assistance service networks: proximity, professionalism and quality.
    • Regionally located customer service centers.
    • Spare parts delivery normally within in 24 hours.
    • Extra services for special campaigns.
    • Preventive maintenance service.

    At ULMA Packaging, we believe that establishing a close relationship with our clients is the best way to achieve customer satisfaction, and we constantly work with the customer service focus that sets us apart.

    ULMA Packaging offers worldwide Customer Service and Technical Assistance that quickly responds to the individual needs that arise.

    Thanks to its extensive network of offices, distributors and subsidiaries, which all offer exceptional after-sales service, ULMA Packaging is able to near its clients, wherever it may be needing and providing the service that is expected.