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    Unipack Industry (Shenzhen)

    Unipack Industry (Shenzhen)

    Unipack Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. UNIPACK is a leading and innovative cosmetic packaging manufacturer focusing in user-friendly and tailor-made solutions of airless bottles, cream jars, dropper bottles, PET bottles, and airless compacts.

    Unipack Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., founded in 1999, is a foreign venture company with 250+ employees and facility of more than 8000 m2. We have a group of professional design team, the most advance testing technology and management. Over 10 years of new products and technologies development, we manage to make our product design more users friendly and competitive. Now, we obtained many patents in China and bring another further improvement in our sector. Our target is to provide best product, professional designs and services. Co-operating with our customers, we shall achieve the most competitive product for cosmetic market.

    Unipack Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., is one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of innovative packaging solutions for cosmetics. If you're looking for cosmetic packaging for your latest products and promotions to market with high quality and special packaging, our company will be the perfect choice!

    • Latest innovation in airless technology
    • Provide best packaging, professional designs and services for cosmetics
    • New and patented design to ensure high class product for customers

    We manufacture plastic containers for cosmetics, including plastic dispenser, airless bottles, double inner bottles, essence bottles, cream jars, PE/PET bottles and many more.

    We provide service include drawing preparation, tooling design, injection, spray paint, plating, silk-screening, hot-stamping and assembling.

    Our aim:

    1. New and patented design to ensure high class product for customers.
    2. Best quality product and service to maximize customer’s satisfaction. Best working environment and atmosphere for all employees to develop their talent.
    3. Make contribution to environment and promote “Zero Waste” and “Recycle”.