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    Valmatic specializes in filling machines for the production of Unidose containers in plastic lamination with capacities from 0.5ml to 350ml.

    Valmatic has been working for 35 years in the field of contract packaging and in the construction of FFS machines (form, filling, sealing machines) for the production of unit-doses with capacities from 1ml to 100ml or more.

    Valmatic projects and constructs FFS machines with different productions per minute and yields.

    The every day experience in contract packing of its own machines allows Valmatic to project and offer FFS machines that have an important added value not found in other machines.

    Cooperation with customers and continual research permits Valmatic to offer revolutionary and innovative customized containers complete with centred printing on both the sizes or labels. The company's technical team assists the customer during the selection process in order to find and develop the best, most suitable unit-dose container.

    Valmatic has the suitable know how for filling liquids, creams, gels, and powders, even with two different products per run.

    Unit dose containers guarantee different advantages to end users: safety, product freshness, convenience (unit-dose containers are usable anywhere at any time), and measured dosage.

    The application fields for Valmatic's products include pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, foods, and beverages.

    Valmatic offers full service, starting from the graphic study up to the assembly and the final packing of filled containers into carton boxes, displays, or other places.

    Valmatic, in all its production phases, follows a strict and precise written procedure in order to follow the production, the quality control, the sampling and the documents to be issued and required by the customers.

    Valmatic cares about micro-biological control and stability tests on its products in collaboration with an external laboratory in order to comply with the customer’s technical specifications.