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    Verve Spa

    Verve Spa

    We offer a complete and customized service to our customers, combining technology and creativity, in order to realize a high quality product.

    Since 1959 VERVE produces - with passion - cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food packaging. VERVE is an important support for its customers - either on the Italian market nor on the foreign one.

    Besides the standard range - including more than 80 lines of bottles/jars/vials - we can offer a 360° personalized service - starting from the internal design and realization of the mould, to the decoration by the most modern technologies.

    We compete to ensure a sustainable future through the research of new ecofriendly solutions, which are able to satisfy even those customers, who are sensitive to the problem of carbon footprint, looking for green or recycled materials.

    Last but not least is the flexibility of our staff, which increase the value of a family company always busy to catch new goals - in an growing and demanding market.

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