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    MISSION: to fulfill the needs of high quality packaging users

    Vetroelite is an Italian company with a strong inclination towards export. Its mission consists of offering an exclusive range of glass packaging (bottles, carafes, jars) and related services for the following markets:

    • Liquid products (spirits, still and sparkling wines, olive oils and refined vinegars, exclusive mineral waters)
    • Food products (jars for 'gourmet' items)
    • Fragrance, cosmetic, and body care products, and reed diffusers


    PHILOSOPHY: full service

    Vetroelite's distinguishing hallmarks are the attractive and innovative selection of shapes characterized by an extremely polished design, together with a policy of continual product availability.

    Other distinguishing features of the firm are the capacity to supply special and unusual closures perfectly suited to bottle ranges and a complete offering of glass decoration.

    This drive to supply a full package is not a mere promise, it is a day to day reality, as demonstrated by Vetroelite's catalogue and references.

    METHOD: secure the best creative talent and the most advanced industrial know-how

    Vetroelite is, above all, a creative lab where ideas and tendencies come into being. Its aim is the constant updating and integration of its offer. This is why Vetroelite relentlessly looks for the best talent in product concepts and creation, and has created a special department for design and project development able to prepare technical sheets and 3D views in a very short time.

    Vetroelite carefully selects its industrial partners, according to criteria related to quality, competitiveness and durable development.

    These selection criteria apply to glass products as well as closure ranges and decoration.


    VALUES: 'Ethics are the inner aesthetics' - Pierre Reverdy

    Vetroelite practises business responsibly and ethically.

    For each of its operations (from product concept to delivery) the company is environmentally conscious, economically efficient, and socially responsible.

    The professional ethics that inspire Vetroelite daily are applied to clients, suppliers and competitors, and are accompanied by a high level of service, information and innovation for customers.