Viva Healthcare's triple launch: Dual Chamber Tube, Oval Tube, and tube accessories

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Viva Healthcare Packaging, a global tube manufacturer, has recently launched three new products: The Dual Chamber Tube, the Oval Tube, and Tube Accessories. All three lines are unique injection-molded solutions offering customizable shapes and designs. 

Dual Chamber Tube

The Dual Chamber Tube is a simple and reliable way to package two different formulas in one single tube. This unique product can only be produced by the injection-molding process with in-mold labelling and requires minimal tube line adaptation to operate.

Oval Tube

The Oval Tube product line is offered to complement Viva's standard injection-molded products with rounded in-mold labelled tubes. The Oval Tube comes in the exact same tube sizes and also with the same high-definition in-mold label decorations. The solution offers high quality graphics, short lead time, and improved sustainability.

Tube Accessories

These accessories are easily adaptable to Viva's small size standard injection-molded tubes with in-mold labelling. Tube Accessories offer brands a way to ensure that their smaller tubes have just as much impact and consistency as their larger tube counterparts.

Viva Healthcare Packaging is a global injection-molded tube manufacturer with ISO and GMP certified tube operations in Canada, Hong Kong, and Poland.

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