VIVA is a global manufacturer of innovative and sustainable injection molded solutions manufactured in North America. Its products are Mono-material (PP) In-Mold-Labeled Tubes (IML Tubes), Deodorant Sticks, Caps, and Jars with up to 100% PCR with ISO, GMP, and BRC certified manufacturing operations. VIVA offers solutions for beauty, personal care, food, and industrial industries.

A Global Solutions Brand

Viva is a global manufacturer of premium IML ( In Mold Label) tubes, deodorant sticks, thick wall PET jars, caps, and more with ISO and BRC certified manufacturing facilities in Canada, Poland, Hong Kong.

Viva is an all-in spectacular light speed decorated , sustainable and innovative injection molded solutions manufactured in North America, Europe and Hong Kong established in  1973.

Viva's tube packaging solutions are manufactured by an injection molding process, and decorated by in-mold labeling.  The process calls for a printed in-mold label to be inserted into a mold and 'shot' with a proprietary polypropylene resin. Within seconds, the tube is fully formed and decorated in one piece including the neck, shoulders and body. The label is literally embedded in the walls of the tube, forming an integral part of the tube wall, and protecting the decoration from scuffs during distribution and use. 

With the use of Foil substrate and EVOH substrate to produce the in-mold label, Viva's solutions can achieve barrier properties matching ABL and PBL.

Enhanced Looks

The absolute full coverage of the beautifully rich graphics gives the viewers a clear sense of the product before they even read a single word on the label. 

The printing with 100% coverage allows high definition graphics with no gaps for seams, or base and tip margins.  This unprecedented graphics capability allows shelf-impact that has never before been seen in the tube industry.


Tubes and sticks are available in mono-material PP and many are offered in 100% PCR to better serve the circular economy.

The mono-material tubes and caps are made under the same roof- further reducing the carbon footprint of these easy-to-recycle solutions. 

PP is an environmentally superior material using less material than standard tubes, consuming less energy to process at each step of the life cycle and emitting less greenhouse gases throughout each step of the supply chain.

High Efficiency by Fully Integrated Production

Due to the simplicity of our tube manufacturing process, the cost of the package is very competitive compared with other traditional tubes which require much more inefficient processes. Also the cap is injection molded at the same location avoiding sourcing from different suppliers. Faster leadtime also enables less inventory and less obsolete for design changes resulting in additional savings.

100% Turnkey Solution

Viva is a 100% local North American one-stop shop from label film extrusion, in-mold label printing, injection-molding and full assembly of tubes and caps. Brands looking for higher printing quality on tubes as well as an increasing number of SKU's and speed to market will be able to get an edge with the growing trend for plastic tubes.

Viva processes are all integrated, including label substrates extrusion, Esko software for artworks processing, Luscher prepress setup.

In-mold labels printed by Gallus printing press with offset, flexo, silkscreen, hotstamp etc for maximum printing effects.  

For small quantity printing, we also offer Digital printing for full flexiblity and quick turnaround time.

Viva also manufactures PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment) and Glassware.

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