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VIVA offers IML Tubes, Deodorant Sticks, Jars, Caps, and more in a variety of materials like PCR and in mono-material vareities.

Injection Molded Tube with In Mold Label (IML) . All sizes from 0.5 oz to 15 oz. Round tubes, Oval tubes , dual chamber tubes, deodorant tubes , powder tubes. All components ( tubes and caps ) printed and manufactured under the same roof in North America. High capacity with 200 injection molding lines. Huge benefits in terms of decoration, sustainability and leadtime. All tubes mono material (PP) and with up to 90% PCR ( Post Consumer Resin), the highest PCR content iin the tube industry . Possibility to develop new custom tube solution in record time

Deodorants available in a variety of packs- Deodorants tubes, round stick, round oval stick, and wide stick. Available with refills as well.

All components printed and manufactured in North America

Available in 100% PCR Plastic

Caps are manufactured by Viva in the same plant as tubes in NOrth America. For all sizes , they come out in different styles such as flip top , screw on or octagonal. We also have a metal overshell cap, low profile, tamper proof design and they can be shrink wrapped. They can be manufactured in gloss or matte . They can be color matched , hot stamped, vacuum metalized in house. Available in translucent 100% PCR that can be color matched to any color including pure white or any clear color. Possibility to develop custom cap solutions in record time

Unbreakable glassware:
All-in spectacular light speed decorated , innovative and sustainable injection molded solutions manufactured in North America , ISO, BRC, GMP

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