Viva IML Tube, 100% Turnkey Solution

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Viva is a global manufacturer of In-Mold-Labeled Tubes (IML Tubes) with ISO and BRC certified manufacturing operations in Canada, Poland and Hong Kong. Viva IML Tubes is a subsidiary of Viva Group which has been a leading plastic packaging manufacturer established in Hong Kong in 1973. For group details, please visit

Viva tubes are manufactured by an injection molding process, and decorated by in-mold labeling.  The process calls for a printed in-mold label to be inserted into a mold and 'shot' with a proprietary polypropylene resin.  Within seconds, the tube is fully formed and decorated in one piece including the neck, shoulders and body.  The label is literally embedded in the walls of the tube, forming an integral part of the tube wall, and protecting the decoration from scuffs during distribution and use.

Viva IML Tube production is a fully integrated one-stop shop starting from film extrusion, in-mold label printing, tube/cap molding with state-of-the-art equipment:

  • Reifenhauser CPP extruder
  • Esko artwork processing
  • Luscher MTX prepress system
  • Gallus printing press or Digital printing
  • Sumitomo / Nestal injection molding machines
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