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VIVA Supplies 96% Recycled Deodorant Pack for Dove

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Dove has released its new vegan approved “Care by Plants'' Tea Tree deodorant packaged in high-performing VIVA Deodorant sticks in PCR with an In Mold Label.

This line of Dove deodorants is made from materials with 99% natural origins and is PETA approved to be cruelty free while still providing 24-hour care and protection.

VIVA Deodorant Sticks in 96% PCR Plastic

When choosing a product with a natural formula, consumers look for eco-friendly packaging. This Deodorant Stick with an In Mold Label choosen by Dove is made with 96% recycled materials.

PCR in Pure White Color 

PCR materials don’t have to have imperfections. Brands can keep the look clean and polished while using recycled materials. Viva has translucent PCR that can be color matched to any color- including pure white.

Stock options are easy to personalize with your branding and are fully manufactured in North America.

Interested in developing a deodorant line in PCR materials? Contact VIVA today.

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