Shipping With Responsibility: Meet Viva’s Green Pallets

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Viva Packaging has taken another step towards building a more sustainable and circular business model. The company has introduced new Green Pallets to fully protect shipped products, while lowering the impact the process has on the environment. The honeycomb shaped corrugated board pallets are recycled, recyclable and they also help lower CO2 emissions during transportation.

The Green Pallet is made 100% from recycled paper products and is 100% recyclable to fully support a circular economy, once used it can simply be discarded with other standard corrugate packaging. Since it’s 80% lighter than wood pallets, it significantly reduces the amount of fuel used by trucks and planes while shipping any product, becoming not only a greener alternative but a cost-effective solution.

Viva’s new pallets are clean, hygienic and safe, no heat treatment or fumigation is required for its used, as no staples, nails or splinters are used in their production. The Green Pallets have been extensively tested, achieving the ISO certifications specified bellow:

  • Compression Test – ISO 12048:1994 (Compression and stacking tests using compression tester)
  • Deflection Test – ISO 8611-1:2011 (Pallets for material handling)

The standard pallet size is 40” x 48” and has a 4 way entry, but custom sizes are also available. To learn more about this and more of Viva’s packaging solutions, please contact us here.

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