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Recyclass Approves Viva's IML Tube

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We are very excited that Recyclass has tested and approved Viva's IML Tube solution.

Results of independent laboratory testing demonstrated that the polypropylene (PP) based technology ‘IML tube’ developed by Viva Packaging is compatible with the rigid PP recycling stream.

The decorated, PP-based tube is designed with a BOPP In-Mould label (IML), with a combination of inks, varnish and cold stamp representing less than 0.7% of the total weight of the packaging. IML decoration can be used in numerous industries, including food, beverage, cosmetics and healthcare.

Sorting trials were performed at CIRCPACK and, with a detection rate of 90%, demonstrating that the dark artwork of the tubes does not prevent the tubes from being successfully sorted in the PP rigid stream.

Following the sorting trials, the Institut für Kunststofftechnologie und -recycling (IKTR) carried out the recyclability tests according to the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol for PP containers. Those tests show that ‘IML Tube’ poses no disruptive impacts to the rigid, coloured PP recycling stream when the set conditions are fulfilled. Recycled plastics generated from the recycling of ‘IML-tube’ can be used in injection moulding applications, with up to 50% concentration.

The results of this analysis are a clear indication for the industry on how fundamental the evaluation of the different decoration technologies is, in order to ensure that they do not disrupt the recycling process. Recyclability of decoration technologies, together with other components of packaging, is essential in enabling high-quality recycling.

To learn more about Viva's innovations please contact us here.

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