Challenge the ordinary with Viva's Airless Pump Tube

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When most people think about pumps in the beauty and personal care industries they would immediately associate them with bottles, big, bulky packaging that's probably hard to take with them. But that's not really a limitation when working with dispensing closures. As Viva Packaging knows very well, tubes are a great and unique match for pumps, making an easy dispensing solution even more convenient.

Viva's Airless Pump Tube is an aesthetically pleasing packaging innovation with an airless dispensing system that helps to preserve the quality of any cosmetic product. The tube can be personalized with various IML decorations, including bold foil labeling, as the brand Oya did for their hair care lotion.

Challenge the ordinary with Vivas Airless Pump Tube

To top it all off, the pump system is made of the exact same material as the tube, which facilitates recycling after use. If customers prefer it, it could be manufactured using virgin PP (FDA approved) or with PCR content. Both options being sustainable alternatives that will resonate with potential buyers.

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