Subvert Expectations with Viva's Cosmetic Powder Tube

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Did you ever think of offering your cosmetic powders in an out of the ordinary packaging? Subverting customers' expectations will never fail to leave a long-lasting impression, and being THAT memorable is exactly what beauty brands need to outshine others in a highly competitive market.

Viva Packaging is always trying to revolutionize the market and set standards that most brands are comfortable with. That's how the powder tube came to life. A packaging solution that can take your cosmetic powder to a different level thanks to its convenient measuring cup, easy on-and-off switch cap, and unique presentation.

But that's not it. Both tube and cap are mono-material, FDA approved, and available in PCR (up to 90% combined) for an easy disposal and guaranteed recyclability, determining factors more and more users are looking for in their products. 

As for the tube's decoration, the Viva team is there to help you get out breathtaking imagery to the market. With hybrid printing presses (flexo, offset, silk screen), up to 14 colour combinations, silkscreen, cold foil, hot stamp, vacuum metallization, and different varnish types (without mentioning the best-in-class velvet soft touch), you can easily make the powder tube your own.

Interested in a unique packaging solution? Contact us now and let our team help you figure out the most suitable packaging for your brand and product. 

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