Easy Sustainability: Check Out Viva's Airless Mono-Material Pump

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Viva Packaging's Airless Pump tube is the perfect choice for sensitive formulas. The aesthetic tube has an airless dispensing system that helps to preserve the quality of your product, making it an ideal packaging solution for hair care, skin care, dental care, personal care, organic cosmetics, and natural cosmetics.

As both companies and customers continue to push for more sustainable options, Viva has developed the tubes for easy recycling. The Airless Pump tube can be presented with various IML decorations and the dispensing system is entirely made of the same material as the tube to facilitate recycling after use.

Injection molding with in-mold labeling

Mono-material Polypropylene - In Virgin PP (FDA approved) or with PCR content

Mono-material Polypropylene - In Virgin PP (FDA approved) or with PCR content

Push on cap

Flexographic press, up to 10 colour combinations, silkscreen, coldfoil, different varnish types

Feel inspired? Contact us now to learn more about our sustainable tubes and sticks, our team of experts will help you get the product you really want into the market.

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