Viva Packaging's Applicator Tubes are Precise and Sustainable

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Viva Packaging's IML tubes are the go-to solution for a finishing touch! With various applicator tips at your disposal, whether we're talking about liquid or semi-liquid formulas, you can apply your lip, hair, or eye care product with precision thanks to our state-of-the-art designs.

Viva Packagings Applicator Tubes are Precise and Sustainable

Always pushing for a more sustainable economy and looking out for the environment, Viva's applicator tips come in the exact same material as your mono-material tube and up to 87% PCR combined, easily enhancing recycling and user experience. IML tubes also facilitate astounding branding and personalization, with flexographic press, up to 14 colour combinations, silkscreen, coldfoil, and different varnish types at your disposal (including the award-winning velvet soft touch).

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