Win Social Media with Viva's Sustainable Tubes and Sticks

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When developing a new product, it's crucial to ensure it grabs attention on the retail shelf while offering a delightful user experience. Kao Ban did just that when it introduced its new deodorant solutions. The new line of products comes in beautiful serene green tube and stick designs accentuated with the coveted spot velvet varnish, all meticulously crafted by Viva in North America.

But are shelves enough? As Millennials and Gen-Z continue to break the marketing funnel in favor of more extensive research on a product's development, social media stands as a new marketing pillar where creating a loop of inspiration, exploration, community, and loyalty is fundamental. Catering to young influencers and beauty gurus, sustainable designs are more important than ever before. Being mono-material, available with up to 100% PCR, and made in North America, Viva's tubes and sticks are as sustainable as it gets!

Stand Out on the Shelf and Social Media with Vivas Sustainable Tubes and Sticks

Viva is dedicated to producing top-tier primary packaging that stands out, so test the ingenuity and innovation behind these whole-body deodorant products by yourself. Contact Viva now and get your own project started.

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