Weber Verpackungen

Weber Verpackungen

A warm welcome to Weber Verpackungen, the bag makers!

We are a family-owned company with headquarters in Wickede in the Ruhr Region of Germany and we have been producing flexible packaging from paper for more than 125 years. The founder of the company, Friedrich Weber, began bonding and selling bags and pouches by hand in 1890. Bags and mainly pouches are still our main products today. Fortunately though, manufacturing methods have changed.

We produce packaging from paper, foil and material compounds in accordance with strict quality specifications.

Our customers across Europe hold our high levels of quality, reliability and service in high regard, and of course our innovative ideas that transform products in our packagings to best-sellers.

We supply packaging products for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic further processing. Our 'machine bags' are a guarantee for high machine availability.

The bag makers are a team of around 180 employees, of which 15 are trainees. We develop and produce innovative packaging products with a high sense of passion and skill.

The development of appealing, contemporary and resource-protecting packaging solutions, a machine park with state-of-the-art technology and of course the extensive training of our employees are the central pillars of our activity.

As a family-owned company, sustainability is the foundation of our action. It is our aim to safeguard the future viability of our business in the long-term and, at the same time, to meet ecological and social demands. This is no contradiction for us, but the basis for economic success.

Sustainability has quite simple no alternative. Only the resources we sustain can be used.