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    Wing Shing Packaging

    Wing Shing Packaging

    Wing Shing Industrial Development Co., Ltd. provides premium packaging design and solution.


    Wing Shing, a packaging product manufacturer, specializes in producing high quality of presentation boxes and display units. Being an experienced & reliable manufacturer, we have earned the trust of many reputed companies and brands from all over the world. In the last three decades, our sales and production volume have experienced a stable and continuous growth.

    Packaging, as both customers and Wing Shing understand, functions as more than packaging itself. In fact, it is also able to enhance product’s attraction and value, therefore we continually offer a wide range of selection, which with innovative and exquisite design to satisfy customer’s diversified needs and enable customers to keep up the market trends. Quality control made possible with our skillful and qualified engineers, technicians and QC department. And our strong in-house Tooling Department, Silk Printing Department & Engineering Department supervises all the procedures that the quality of each product is monitored strictly and professionally.

    We are continually bringing about the improvement in production for the purposes of offering our customers a high quality product, prompt delivery and competitive pricing. In addition, we are constantly releasing more trendy & attractive products, so as to enable our customers to meet the diversified market needs. Besides, our obliging, dynamic and responsible staffs continuously strive to provide for our customers with best service. And this is the vision that drives us every day: ” To become and remain the best and reliable packaging partner of our valued customers.




    WS Workshop is a professional design and project development company. Supported by the parent company Wing Shing Industrial Development Co Ltd who have 40 year of experiences, WS Workshop also provide an excellent production control and quality services to our customers.

    We believe that WS Workshop will be one of the important elements in customers’ image building and branding strategy, as our team is full of dynamic and vision, our designs entirely reflect the market trends and needs. Since we are strong in design and engineering, we always bring new materials and techniques into our designs,  and therefore our customers are always satisfied and surprised by our introducing in new & unconventional materials and concepts.