Yonwoo Has the Cosmetic Packaging Solutions For Any Product Line

Yownoo has innovative packaging solutions to package the base product line of any cosmetic or skin care brand. 

With Yonwoo’s Square Airless Tube, cream makeup, sun care, and skin care products are easy to use. The unique square shaped design makes it stand out on the shelves. It is pocket friendly with smooth actuation. 

Yownoo’s Low Profile Airless Tube B has a modern low profile pump. The smooth actuation and sleek design is ideal for cosmetics, skin care, and hair care.

The Straight Heavy Plastic Bottle from Yonwoo looks and feels like glass. This gives a luxury feeling with less cost, including during transportation. Choose between various dispensing options, from pumps to droppers. 

With these three packaging solutions, you have everything you need for a complete cosmetic and skin care product line. See what else Yonwoo has in their catalog to fill in any gaps. 

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