Yonwoo Releases a General Standard Cap

Yonwoo/PKG is releasing a general standard cap to fit all of your packaging needs. Consumers appreciate an easy-to-use and simple cap for their personal care and cosmetic products. 

Available in volumes from 5ml-50ml, this standard cap is ideal for a wide range of products. This cap is great for many formulas, such as cleansing foam, cream, emulsion, sun screen, foundation, and more. 

Keep your products from leaking during transit with a foil seal at the tube outlet. The cap is suitable for small-capacity products such as gift and travel kits.

Looking for springtime colors or a sleek, metallic cap? No problem! Choose between a variety of different colors, decorations, and finishes. 

See what other packaging solutions Yonwoo has to offer, from standard favorites to specialized packs. 

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