A magical experience with Yonwoo’s powder spray

Yownoo/PKG has a new powder sprayer that gives consumers a magical experience. 

This bottle with a powder dispenser sprays fine powders evenly with a simple pumping motion. It is easy to adjust the usage just like a regular pump. 

Consumers love the experience of using this pump. The package is also easy to carry since it is lightweight. The easy lock system ensures that nothing leaks into a purse or luggage. 

This plastic bottle with its unique pump is the ideal package for loose cosmetic powders, like blush, foundation, and highlighter. It also works great for haircare powders, like dry shampoos, and for body and baby powders. 

If your company wants to offer an eco-friendly solution, then order this bottle as a refill type with a screw neck. 

Yonwoo/PKG offers innovative packaging solutions for the cosmetics and personal care industries. See what they have to offer in their catalog.

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